Local graphic artist steps out on her own with Watermark

Local graphic artist steps out on her own with Watermark

PENINSULA - Char Walters steps out on her own with her new advertising publishing company, Watermark, which will include graphic design, consulting and commercial photography services for the Peninsula as well as two publications to be distributed throughout the Peninsula. She will be launching "The Salty Dog" which will be a composite of many of her photographs, interviews with local artists, fishermen, cranberry growers etc., a "let's do lunch" section and much more. Walters said "I hope to produce it in a tasteful format that is a compliment to our area and our lives." In combination with the Salty Dog, Shar's daughter Annika, age 11, will be creating the "Salty Pup" which is the first kids' oriented magazine on the Peninsula. Walters has spent 17 years in the graphic arts field, the last six here on the Peninsula working for a real estate company. "I reached a point in my life where I needed more creative growth. I am a single mother who wants to spend more time at home with my daughter and to teach her the many options that life can offer outside the "9 to 5" world. Living, working and brainstorming at the coast on a beautiful, calm lake in a home of my own has been a lifelong vision that has come to fruition. I saw the opportunity to offer my services to the entire communty rather than just one company." For more information on Watermark contact Walters at 642-0544.

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