OCEAN PARK — Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested two local teenaged boys for their alleged involvement in a drug-related Sept. 29 burglary at the Ocean Park Pharmacy.

Deputies on Sunday arrested a 17-year-old Ocean Park boy on suspicion of first-degree possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, and drug dealing.

Then Wednesday, they arrested his accomplice, a 16-year-old Ocean Park boy on suspicion of first-degree possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, and second-degree burglary.

Later the same day, deputies recovered about 1,200 oxycodone pills while searching one of the boys’ homes, PCSO Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said last Thursday morning. In a story this March about rural drug addiction, the New York Times reported that oxycodone sells for up to $20 to $30 per pill, yielding a street value of up to $36,000 for the drugs recovered in Ocean Park.

Matlock said both boys acknowledged that they had broken into the pharmacy and stolen a large quantity of oxycodone pills.

“Basically they both admitted to participating in the planning and the execution of the burglary,” Matlock said.

According to Matlock, neither boy was known to the police prior to this incident.

“I was kind of surprised to find out it was juveniles to tell you the truth,” Matlock said, “It appears that these guys had planned it. They tried to disable the alarm. They actually smashed the window out and waited to see if there was gonna be a response.”

Oxycodone is a powerful and highly addictive narcotic painkiller that has become a popular and increasingly problematic street drug.

In the days after the burglary, police predicted that the thieves would most likely begin dealing the oxycodone to local street drug users.

That turned out to be true.

By last week, confidential sources were reporting to investigators that “oxy” had suddenly become available.

“Basically we had some snitches tell us some stuff,” Matlock said.

Police believe that they recovered most — but not all — of the oxycodone stolen from the pharmacy before it could be widely distributed.

“The big concern of course was that stuff getting into the school. It doesn’t look like it did,” Matlock said.

Both boys are being held at the North Coast Youth Correctional Facility in Warrenton.

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