OCEAN PARK — Frank E. Brumitt Jr., 41, of Ocean Park, was arrested on May 19 by the Pacific County Joint Drug Task Force for second-degree theft after allegedly stealing wheels from a vehicle. He is currently being held in the Pacific County Jail on $25,000 bail.

According to court records, a victim called the Pacific County 911 Center on Jan. 5 to report a theft at his residence on the 29000 Block of M. Lane in Ocean Park. Two sets of wheels were stolen from his vehicle.

“The driver side of the vehicle was on jacks so as to lift it off of the ground. The wheels and tires were missing from this side of the vehicle. There was a clear impression where they had been resting on the ground, and the lug nuts were in the proximity,” the officer stated in his report.

Later in the day, another deputy located Brumitt and questioned him about the stolen wheels, and recorded his statement. Brumitt admitted to stealing the tires off of the victim’s truck, but the victim declined to press charges.

The victim later decided to press charges and was asked to obtain an estimate of what the stolen wheels cost. Tire Hut in Seaview estimated the wheels to have a value of approximately $1,468.

According to court records, Brumitt was issued a summons on March 16 to appear in the Pacific County Superior Court for an arraignment to face one count of second-degree theft on March 25.

However, Brumitt failed to appear for the hearing, and a $50,000 bench warrant was issued.

Brumitt was arrested on May 19 and booked into the Pacific County Jail at 12:56 a.m. His arraignment is scheduled for May 27.

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