SOUTH BEND — Andrew J. McConnell, 33, of Chehalis, appeared before the Pacific County Superior Court on Nov. 12 after being summoned to face two counts of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon after a wild incident while camping in northern Pacific County.

On Sept. 5, a deputy from the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the report of an assault with a firearm about 4 miles up a logging road from the Pluvius Bridge near Frances at 9:09 p.m.

According to court records, McConnell was camping with his girlfriend and her mother when he allegedly became agitated his girlfriend was on her phone. He reportedly asked her for his handgun, she tossed it near him, and he subsequently shot several rounds in her direction.

The victim also alleged that bullet fragments struck a vehicle and that fragments and debris struck her and her mother.

“McConnell then ran off into the woods,” the deputy stated in his report. “Before McConnell disappeared, he had tossed [the victim’s] truck keys into the woods, and they could not find them.”

“McConnell also put three logs into the middle of the road to prevent them from leaving, which they had to move to leave,” the deputy added.

Court records also allege that the victim sustained an injury to her leg after McConnell had shut a vehicle door on her during the initial altercation, including him flipping over a table and calling her profanities.

The responding deputy and one of his colleagues were unable to locate McConnell during the incident and enlisted the assistance of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office for the county the suspect lived in to contact him.

According to court documents, the LCSO did not respond back to the deputies, and the case was instead forwarded to the Pacific County Prosecutor’s Office for charging review. Two counts of first-degree assault were filed against McConnell, and a summons was issued on Oct. 22.

McConnell was scheduled to be arraigned on Nov. 12, but at the request of his defense attorney and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Tracey Munger, the hearing was set over to Nov. 19 due to a possible reduction in charges and reassignment in the prosecutor’s office.

McConnell and his attorney will be attending the hearing via Zoom, and Judge Don Richter made it clear that if there were any issues with his attendance, a warrant would be issued.

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