LONG BEACH — Three people escaped a brush with death after a head-on collision on the 25000 block of Sandridge Road on March 19. The incident unfolded around 12:55 p.m., and as a result of the crash, a Long Beach man is being held in the Pacific County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Pacific County Fire District 1 was the first agency on scene and discovered two vehicles with severe damage off of the roadway. Pacific County Sheriff's Office Deputy Dustin Eaton arrived a short time later and began investigating the collision's cause.

"Chief Weatherby informed me that one of the drivers was being transported to Ocean Beach Hospital (OBH) to be medically evaluated while the other two involved persons were refusing to be transported," Eaton stated in his report. "Weatherby informed me that the subject being transported had an old facial injury, and it was not caused by the accident."

According to Eaton's report, a vehicle traveling northbound driven by Jay Jensen, 30 of Long Beach, on Sandridge Road swerved into the opposite lane where Sabrina Coffin, 52 of Ocean Park, and a minor male driver were traveling. The minor attempted to swerve out of the way of the oncoming vehicle, but it was too late, and the vehicles collided.

The Washington State Patrol arrived to assist units on scene and awaited for a tow company to arrive and remove the vehicles so that Eaton could respond to OBH and continue his investigation. According to his report, while Eaton responded to OBH, he was advised by dispatch that a disorderly incident was occurring at the hospital.

'I arrived on scene and identified the disorderly subject as Jensen," Eaton stated. "When I arrived, Jensen was in the middle of being evaluated, so I didn't have a chance to speak with him. I spoke [to a nurse] who was in Jensen's ER room. [The nurse] stated that [they] called 911 for Jensen acting disorderly. [They] stated that Jensen had told [them] that he purposely went into the other lane because he wanted to kill himself."

Eaton and Deputy Logan Macomber were able to question Jensen a short time later about how the collision occurred. Jensen initially claimed he didn't know how it had happened, but after further questioning by Eaton, Jensen explained how and why the collision occurred.

"Jensen stated that he purposely went into the southbound lane to hit the oncoming vehicle to see what would happen," Eaton stated. "Jensen stated that [he] saw the vehicle traveling south and wanted to know what would happen if he caused a head-on collision."

After concluding his investigation, Eaton charged Jensen with first-degree assault, and he was booked into the Pacific County Jail after being cleared by OBH.

"In the area where the accident occurred, it [has a posted speed of] 45 mph," Eaton stated. "A reasonable person would believe that two vehicles traveling approximately 45 mph and the force of hitting head on would produce great bodily harm or death."

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