BREMERTON — A formerly local police officer and his partner were wounded in a Dec. 17 shootout that left a Bremerton man dead.

Officer Allan McComas was a Wahkiakum County Sheriff’s Office reserve deputy while living in Grays River several years ago. He was a South Bend police officer for about three years before joining the Bremerton Police Department about 18 months ago.

McComas and his partner, Officer Kent Mayfield, a veteran officer who has been with Bremerton PD for 27 years, were called to Lion’s Park in Bremerton around 1:15 a.m. on Dec. 17. Willie Floyd McCord, 53, lived near the park. He was suspected of violating a domestic violence restraining order.

When the officers approached McCord in his SUV, he allegedly opened fire at close range, holding a gun in each hand, police said. The officers attempted to take cover behind a vehicle, but Mayfield was shot twice in the stomach. McComas was shot once, near his waist. The two officers returned fire, fatally wounding McCord.

According to the Kitsap Sun, McCord had a history of violence with both his wife and the police. He had recently been released from jail, and was not supposed to have guns.

About a month before, McCord had allegedly punched his wife, then fought with officers, who had to use a stun-gun to subdue him, Capt. Tom Wolfe said on Dec. 22. McCord was not supposed to have any weapons.

“We knew he had some guns, but we were certain that he had more that he had never turned over,” Wolfe said. “He should not have been let out of jail.”

Both officers were taken to a local hospital for treatment. McCord was released later the same night, but Mayfield, who was injured more seriously, underwent emergency surgery.

Wolfe praised both officers for their conduct at the scene.

McComas kept working despite his injury, he said, and “was so calm when he radioed it out that two officers had been shot that everyone was wondering who the third officer was.”

Mayfield is in stable condition.

“He’s going to be in the hospital through Christmas, unfortunately. His wounds are such that it’s going to take time to heal,” Wolfe said. He is expected to make a full recovery.

“It doesn’t surprise me that Allan came out of this the victor,” South Bend Police Chief Dave Eastham said. “He is a top-notch officer and his partner is a veteran officer of like 40 years total.”

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