ILWACO — The fierce, five-minute battle ended with the little girl in the red boat catching the big fish, a 23-inch monster that tipped the scales at more than six pounds.

The colossal catch gave Macy Woodby, 8, first place for her age group at the 27th annual Black Lake Fishing Derby, held Saturday, April 27 in Ilwaco.

The tightly contested fishing tournament featured dozens of local kids including perennial top finisher Adalyn Kary, who took second place in her group. Kary, 8, of Ilwaco has become a fixture at the fishing derby, finishing in the top three the past three years. Kary caught nine trout including two behemoths that exceeded six pounds, but it was her last trout of the morning that was her biggest.

“It was hard,” Kary said describing the fight with a stringer full of fish around her feet. “The fish was going deeper and deeper.”

A blustery morning start included intermittent rain before fading into blue skies ahead of the official weigh-in. Docks were lined with kids of all ages representing age groups 0 to 6, 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 as well as an aggregate group. For many it was a chance to learn the fundamentals of fishing, while others honed skills that have become second nature.

Bank fishers came early to secure their favorite spots while those in boats continued to arrive throughout the morning. More than 4,000 trout were planted ahead of the derby, including 140 that averaged nearly 7 pounds each.

After nearly four hours of fishing, the winners were announced at the official weigh in, which included raffles for fishing equipment and tackle. The winners included:

Age 11-14

1st place: Olivia McInstry

2nd place: James Hersberg

3rd place: Lucas Skillings

Age 7-10

1st place: Macy Woodby

2nd place: Adalyn Kary

3rd place: Shaylee Swamala

Age 0-6

1st place: Anders Hugues

2nd place: Dylan Harrel

3rd place: Ari Severson


1st place: Mila Kamp

2nd place: Zach Bloom

3rd place: Adam Wilson

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