Friends worried about missing 87-year-old

Audrey Davis, 87, an Ocean Park resident shown here in an undated photo, is believed to be missing.

OCEAN PARK — A group of senior women in Ocean Park says an 87-year-old widow has been missing for several days, and may be in danger.

No one has had contact with Audrey Davis since a friend spoke to her by phone on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 26, her friend, Marjorie Williams said on Monday.

Davis’s closest family members are in the Portland area, so her friends check in on her frequently.

“She is part of our widow’s group. We are pretty close knit,” Williams said. “She is part of our family here.” The women became concerned over the weekend, when they realized her car was gone and she wasn’t answering her phone or collecting her newspapers. Davis, a retired seamstress, only uses her car to run local errands, and never lets mail or papers pile up, Williams said.

It can be hard to know when an adult is truly missing, because people do sometimes spontaneously go on trips without telling anyone, Lieutenant Jim Bergstrom, of the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, said on Monday. While Davis is still not officially classified as a missing person, deputies on Monday afternoon were preparing to issue a “Be on the lookout” notice to all law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Washington, Bergstrom said. Deputies also planned to ask one of Davis’s relatives for permission to enter her house and look around. Bergstrom said there was no activity at her home over the weekend, and no signs of any kind of break-in or struggle.

Davis belongs to the Eagles Auxiliary, still takes in some sewing jobs and keeps an active social life, her friend Nadine Long, of Ocean Park, said. Like others the Observer interviewed, Long thought it would be highly unusual for Davis to fall out of touch for several days, much less leave without saying anything.

“I can’t imagine her going,” Long said.

However, Davis began showing signs of dementia several months ago. Her friends fear she may have left the house in a state of confusion, then gotten lost or had an accident.

Convinced that something was seriously wrong, Davis’s friends and fellow Eagles began their own search campaign over the weekend, creating posters, calling hospitals and driving miles and miles of local roads in search of her vehicle.

“All we can think about is that she is cold and hungry and confused,” Williams said.

Audrey Davis is 5’6” and weighs about 125 pounds. She is white, with gray eyes and short, wavy gray hair. She sometimes wears glasses. She drives a tan 2003 Mercury Sable, with Washington license plate ABZ1802.

If you have information about Davis, please call Pacific County non-emergency dispatch at 360-875-9397.

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