SOUTH BEND — The high-profile prosecution of two Coast Guard personnel for crimes on Sept. 1, 2017 is almost over following guilty pleas last week by Salvador Zamora, 25, of Tacoma to rape in the third degree and first-degree voyeurism, both felony sex offenses.

Zamora and Guillermo Gutierrez, 27, each stationed at Station Cape Disappointment, were charged following an investigation of a house party in the 2800 block of Sandridge Road during which an unconscious woman was raped and a video of the crime shared via Snapchat, a smart phone application.

Zamora’s sentencing is set for Aug. 2, when it is anticipated he will receive a prison sentence, Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain said after Pacific County Superior Court proceedings on April 12. Zamora’s crimes are each punishable by up to five years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both.

In September 2018, Gutierrez pleaded guilty to the Class C felony of first-degree voyeurism after a rape charge was dismissed. Sentencing was deferred until Zamora’s case was settled. Gutierrez, who has no prior convictions, will likely get a sentence of four to 12 months, according to court documents.

After their arrests, Zamora was reassigned to Base Seattle. Last week he agreed to an involuntary separation from the Coast Guard. Gutierrez was reassigned to Sector Columbia River in Warrenton and remained there as of Jan. 7.

Case background

Gutierrez and Zamora were arrested in December 2017 after the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office completed an investigation. Investigators say the guardsmen and their alleged victim drank heavily and may have used drugs at a house party. Gutierrez allegedly had sex with the woman, then invited Zamora to have sex with her. Gutierrez allegedly recorded the rape on his phone, then shared it with other members of the Coast Guard.

Zamora’s wife discovered a text conversation on his phone, in which Gutierrez assured him the victim wouldn’t accuse him of rape because she wouldn’t remember what happened. The wife reported the suspected crime to Coast Guard authorities.

Gutierrez claimed the sex was consensual, but police say the video shows them assaulting a woman who was clearly passed out.

Victim in agreement

McClain said the rape victim agreed with the plea agreements.

“In any case like this, the most important thing we can do is work with the survivor of this attack, and ensure we listen to her wishes as she is the one who has to live it again when we go to trial and for that reason we value their settlement desire above others when deciding how to resolve these cases,” McClain said. “Here, the victim, was supportive of the resolution and simply wanted to put this behind her.”

Zamora and Gutierrez face long-term consequences for their crimes.

“This resolution ensures this man [Zamora] is known as a sex offender, as both will be required to complete sex offender treatment, and will be required to register as sex offenders once they leave jail,” McClain said.

Meth conviction

Also in Superior Court last week, Amanda Rose Williams, 43, of South Bend, pleaded guilty to four counts of delivery of methamphetamine and one count of count of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver methamphetamine. Williams was sentenced to 64 months in prison.

“Ms. Williams pleaded guilty to every offense she committed, including the school zone enhancement, and agreed to testify against the other defendants, and even with that we felt her offenses warranted no reduction because she, of all people as a former prison guard, knew selling drugs is taken as a significant offense here and there are long-term consequences for doing so,” McClain said. “Moreover, she involved two very young co-defendants. Thus, she earned a significant prison sentence.”

In late 2018, Williams became the subject of an undercover narcotics investigation conducted by the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office. In January, Pacific County deputies, using a confidential informant, began purchasing methamphetamine from Williams and her co-defendants.

The investigation concluded in March when a multi-jurisdictional task force executed a search warrant at William’s Quincy Street residence. There, they found heroin, methamphetamine, and items used in the sale and use of these controlled substances. Officers also took into custody Karson Isaksen, 18, and, later, Tegan Tipler, also 18, and both of Raymond. They have also been charged for their involvement in these offenses. Isaksen and Tipler remain in custody pending trial.

Williams will be transported to prison and begin serving her sentence and court-ordered drug treatment.

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