His Supper Table volunteers

Volunteers Linda Foster (from left), Aletha Molarius and Alice Hunt are among those committed to making the His Supper Table Thrift Store in Long Beach a success. The store will host a sale Saturday, Aug. 10, to raise funds and clear space.

LONG BEACH — Need a gently used sofa? An extra fluffy animal? Some fresh music CDs, books or clothes?

His Supper Table Thrift Store in Long Beach is having a giant sale Saturday, Aug. 10. The event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is designed to raise money while clearing space.

“$3,000 would be awesome,” said Jim Tweedie, president of the board that runs the store at 911 Pacific Ave. in Long Beach.

On sale — for half price or less — will be the broad assortment of items, such as clothes, books, toys and household items. The store has bicycles and provides basic home medical equipment.

Organizers hope the half-dozen sofas, plus tables, dishwashers and chairs will be purchased, freeing space.

In addition to receiving donated items of clothing and household goods to re-sell, the store hosts hot meals for the needy every Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4 p.m to 5 p.m.

Jim Tweedie

Jim Tweedie

A meal delivery service on the northern part of the Peninsula, for people who cannot travel to the Long Beach location, is in the works.

At the store, between 30 and 70 meals are served at each session.

“For 20 years we have been providing meals,” said Tweedie, a retired Presbyterian minister. “We worked with the Peninsula Church of the Nazarene using their kitchen, but in January this year our board voted to relocate to this facility.”

Sale items

A menagerie of fluffy animals awaits a new home.The store sells books, clothes, kitchen and other household items, CDs and bicycles. It also has sofas and other bulky furniture items that organizers are eager to sell.

The group was formed by area churches and individuals in 1998.

“We have no formal ties with any, but we all have Christian principals and it’s our response to the call of Christ to serve our neighbors in need,” Tweedie added.

I'm for sale

This rather unusual collectible chef statue is about 5 foot tall and often seen on display outside the store on Pacific Avenue. As the notice says, it is among items on sale at the store.

In addition to store sales, the group is supported by donations from individuals and organizations. Tweedie commended Peninsula organizations that help, noting that Sid’s Market, Cottage Bakery and Sportsmen’s Cannery have been generous. The group’s leaders work with Northwest Harvest which coordinates the distribution of surplus food in the region.

As well as publicizing the sale, the group is recruiting volunteers to serve on its board, help with store operations and with the meals program.

Cooks, dishwashers and servers are needed for the food program and volunteer cashiers, janitors and item sorters are needed for the store, as well as people who can pick up items. People volunteer between two hours and five days a week.

To volunteer, call 360-642-4105.

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