OCEAN PARK — Jonathan Daniel Smith, 32, of Vancouver, was arrested on suspicion of second degree attempted murder on Tuesday night, after he allegedly stabbed another man multiple times in an unprovoked attack.

Responders from Pacific County Fire District No. 1, Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, Long Beach Police and other local agencies were called to a residence on 224th Street around 9:47 p.m.

The victim, a 49-year-old man from Auburn, had sustained multiple severe stab wounds, mostly on his neck, PCSO Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said in an Oct. 28 interview.

He was transported by ambulance to Ocean Beach Hospital.

According to Matlock, the victim told responders that he met Smith, and Smith’s girlfriend while drinking in a tavern in Long Beach on Tuesday evening.

The couple told the victim that they were homeless, and did not have a place to stay. The victim told police he felt sorry for them, and invited them to stay the night in his beach cabin.

The investigation is still underway, and police are still trying to find out what happened after the trio left the tavern, Matlock said. But so far, they haven’t found any obvious motive.

“They said they were homeless, so he offered them a room to stay for the night, the next he knows, he’s being attacked,” Matlock said.

By the time responders arrived, Smith and his girlfriend had fled. Officers from Long Beach searched the area, and found the couple riding bikes near the beach approach on 225th Street a short time later.

Smith was booked into Pacific County Jail. He has not had a bail hearing yet.

His girlfriend was not arrested. Matlock said she may have witnessed the alleged assault, but she is not suspected of any crimes.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Tuesday night, Sheriff Scott Johnson said the call came in at a time when the sheriff’s office was short-handed, and 911 dispatchers and emergency responders were “deluged” with calls. Johnson and Matlock both said they wished to thank responders from other agencies who assisted with the call.

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