ILWACO —The dust swirled in the summer wind at the Ilwaco Boatyard on Monday afternoon as various construction and contracting crews worked to complete several upgrades at the facility.

The recent work includes improvements to the stormwater and pressure water systems, part of a $2.4 million investment in modernizing the boatyard infrastructure, according to Port Manager Guy Glenn Jr.

Pressure-wash water system

A more eco-friendly pressure-wash water system is among the boatyard improvements.

“Our existing wash water filtration system is almost 30 years old. It is a closed-loop system that filters and reuses the water for pressure washing,” Glenn said. “The new pretreatment system will filter out materials from the used wash water and be injected into the sanitary sewer system operated by the City of Ilwaco. Port staff will continue to monitor our filtration systems to comply with permitting benchmarks.”

Stormwater enhancements

A more extensive stormwater filtration system is expected to better manage surface water.

“Two additional catch basins, and new filtration cannisters, are being added and routed through our existing stormwater filtration vault,” Glenn said.

“These additional catch basins work in conjunction with grading and leveling the yard to better manage surface water,” he said. “About 1,600 tons of new gravel is being uniformly added in all areas of the boatyard, providing a better year round surface for our operations.”

Deconstruction facility

The new Vessel Deconstruction Facility is on schedule to be completed before this fall, Glenn said. The completed facility will perform vessel deconstruction activities and maintenance while providing sufficient space to receive boats and store equipment. An estimated 15 jobs will be created in Ilwaco for the facility. West Coast Vessel Recycling will be responsible for boat deconstruction.

“This new indoor facility will be able to accommodate any vessels we haul out. It will be used for vessel deconstruction in addition to vessel maintenance and repair activities. Our boatyard provides regional benefits and is an integral part of our marina operations, including routine vessel maintenance and repairs. We are also considered a harbor of safe refuge and able to assist the U.S. Coast Guard with emergency haul outs for vessels in distress,” Glenn said.

Yard leveling

Boatyard customers will find the yard is now easier to maneuver around.

“It has been a long time since the boatyard was professionally graded and leveled,” Glenn said.

“Port staff routinely maintain the surface but the existing gravel has broken down over the years and it has become more challenging to manage. Potholes develop in the winter and it can become dry and dusty in the summer. The new gravel being added is better quality and should be more durable.”

Travel lift

A new 75 ton marine Travelift is anticipated to be in operation before the end of this year, Glenn said. The new lift will replace an aging 1977 50-ton marine Travelift.

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