Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS): Many of us have heard about them, seen the commercials, and read about it (even in this space several times). We get that it’s all about falling, being unable to rise without help, and contacting the needed assistance. And that is a very helpful item!

But wait, there’s more!

Several companies offer these items and they work in a variety of settings — either via a landline or a cell phone, or without either. Some units ping off a cell tower and act somewhat like its own cell phone — at least regarding the signal. Along with pushing-a-button technology, there are also units that activate if the wearer falls.

Could there possibly be more? I’m glad you asked.

How about managing medications? Pill-Minders, Bubblepacks and other products are available through pharmacies and talking to your pharmacist is always a good idea. These work pretty well if you have relatively few meds and can usually remember to take them. If today’s space is empty, you probably already took them.

If you have several pills and have difficulty remembering to take them when you should, the same PERS providers may have just the thing.

Combined with the fall alert service, some companies offer medication reminders in a variety of ways. Lights blink at set times to remind you of the time to take your prescription, send a noise, and so on.

Recently, one of the company representatives demonstrated to our staff one such device. The medication reminder unit can be set-up for a month, programmed to light-up when it’s time to take your pills, signals when the meds have been removed, and when the empty container is set back in place, the signal stops. This particular company offers both the unit and the push-button/fall alert device.

This particular model only requires an outlet — no landline, etc. Easy to set-up and they, of course do the monitoring.

Many folks have been doing very well with the PERS unit they’ve had for years. It’s all they need. It’s always good to know if other types of this service is needed, the services are available.

Information is only helpful when you need it. Knowing ahead of time, though, is always better.

Information & Assistance

Long Beach: 360-642-3634

or 888-571-6558

Raymond: 360-942-2177

or 888-571-6557

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