The following individuals were booked into Pacific County Jail for the charges shown:

McKenzie L. Baer — Warrant for failure to comply traffic, warrant failure to comply felony.

Enrique Benavidez Jr — Drug court violation.

Julilyn Boyce — DUII.

Robert G. Cameron — Burglary, warrants for failure to comply traffic, possession of stolen property, theft.

Benjamin J. Campbell — Two warrants for failure to appear, warrant failure to comply felony.

Jennifer R. Chipman — Assault.

Robert J. Clack — Community custody violation, escape.

Edward J. Eike — Harassment felony.

Triscia M. Gill — Community custody violation.

Sheena E. Guggenbickler — Controlled substance no prescription felony, driving with license suspended, possession of stolen property.

Richard G. Hatton — Warrant failure to comply non-traffic.

Steven E. Hermance — DUII.

Stephen E. Huitt — Warrant failure to comply non-traffic.

Kenneth J. Johnson — Domestic violence fourth-degree assault.

Isa M. Iacuzzi — Domestic violence fourth-degree assault.

Melissa M. Maggard — Refusing to release runaway child, two counts of sell or give tobacco to minor.

Kristopher C. Palacios — Warrant failure to comply felony, community custody violation.

Matthew W. Peck — Failure to register as a sex offender, two counts of driving with suspended license.

Ernest J. Reed — Two counts of failure to transfer title 45 days, warrant for failure to comply felony.

Patrick T. Reed — Driving with a suspended license third-degree, two counts of public nuisance.

Logan D. Rickman — Domestic violence fourth-degree assault.

Tegan A. Tipler — Financial fraud, theft second-degree, forgery.

Michelle A. Ruschmann — Charge not listed.

Erin R. Taylor — Theft of firearm, burglary.

Taylor B. Whybark — Possession of stolen property, theft, burglary, driving with a suspended license, warrant failure to comply traffic.

Jeffrey A. Woodman — Controlled substance no prescription felony.

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