Pacific County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Ciko aided in the arrest of a suspect last week.

LONG BEACH — Pacific County Sheriff’s Sgt. Randy Wiegardt received information at about noon Nov. 1 that Paul Martin, 34, wanted for a felony warrant in addition to robbery and burglary charges, was inside a residence in the 3700 block of Sandridge Road.

Wiegardt and his K-9 partner Ciko arrived at the residence along with an officer from the Long Beach Police Department, the sheriff’s office said in a press release.

Officers at door of the residence verbally announced that Martin should exit peacefully. He didn’t comply, the sheriff’s office said.

Wiegardt sent Ciko to seek Martin for apprehension. Ciko alerted at a closed bedroom door. Wiegardt again issued several verbal announcements warning Martin that he might be bit if he didn’t come out and comply. Martin again failed to do so. Ciko was sent into the bedroom and found Martin attempting to conceal himself under a pile of clothing.

“K-9 Ciko contacted Martin and escorted him out from under the clothes pile and he was arrested without further incident. A search incident to Martin’s arrest revealed “drug paraphernalia on his person,” the sheriff’s office said.

Martin’s robbery and burglary charges stemmed from an incident two weeks earlier, when it is alleged he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and forcibly stole her phone, fleeing before deputies arrived.

Martin was transported to the Pacific County Jail for booking on charges of robbery in the second degree, burglary in the second degree and criminal trespass in the first degree.

On Nov. 5 he remained in jail. Martin also had an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant.

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