Kevin O'Rourke

Kevin O’Rourke reacts with joy after being presented his employee of the year award by construction manager Matt Cummings at a jobsite at the Port of Ilwaco on Jan. 13.

LONG BEACH — In a first-of-its-kind event, Kevin O’Rourke of Dr. Roof in Long Beach was recently singled out as the company’s employee of the year, an honor that came with a substantial bonus check.

“The employee of the year has his picture on a separate plaque form the employee of the month and is placed in the shop for all the rest of the employees to envy and strive for,” Operations Manager Rick Goodwin said.

The award came as a complete surprise to O’Rourke. “When we all arrived on the job site, the Dr. Roof Team called all the guys together for a ‘safety check.’ This was the ruse, then the announcement was made,” Goodwin said.

O’Rourke answered a few questions about his job and why he’s good at it.

What makes a good employee? “A good employee is dependable, reliable, and responsible. A good employee strives to better themselves by staying open to feedback and new ideas.

What makes Dr. Roof a good employer? Dr. Roof encourages their employees to move up in the company, which promotes growth in the individual and in the company.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why? My biggest inspiration in life has been my family. They have challenged me to change my life for the better. Overcoming many obstacles.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your life history. I started doing construction (framing) at 18 years old. I moved around in my past, working for different employers. I gained experience everywhere I went. I learned the basics of framing from my dad and worked for various companies along with him.

What do you enjoy most about being at Dr. Roof? What I enjoy most about being at Dr. Roof is the camaraderie and working together as a team, a family.

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