Law officers honored

Pictured left to right: Sheriff Scott Johnson, Corrections Officer Britany Stigall, Deputy Rick Goodwin, Deputy Jesse Eastham and LBPD Officer Mike Parker.

SOUTH BEND — In a brief ceremony on Dec. 18, Sheriff Scott Johnson presented awards to four local public safety officials who saved the lives of three people.

In November 2017, Corrections Officer Britany Stigall and Long Beach Police Department Officer Mike Parker acted quickly to save an inmate from a suicide attempt.

Shortly after Parker booked the man into jail, Stigall found him attempting to hang himself with a bedsheet. Parker lifted the man up to relieve the pressure on his neck, while Stigall cut him down. He was quickly revived.

In March, Deputy Jesse Eastham was on patrol when he heard a call involving an unconscious man at a South Bend home.

Eastham arrived before medical aid and immediately started lifesaving measures. He quickly realized the man, who had no pulse, was the victim of a drug overdose. He returned to his patrol vehicle to retrieve a device that administers naloxone, a drug that can quickly reverse opioid overdoses.

Medical responders arrived and administered the drug. The man was taken to a hospital, where he made a full recovery.

In May, Deputy Rick Goodwin was patrolling in Ocean Park when he heard a call for a man who had collapsed. He arrived within two minutes. The man had no pulse and was not breathing, so Goodwin started CPR. A medical crew arrived within minutes and took over.

The man survived due to Goodwin’s quick thinking.

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