Long Beach Elementary honors self-managers

LONG BEACH — The following students received their Long Beach Elementary Self Managers Award on Oct. 21 from Principal Todd Carper: Eliot Sample, Lyrric Olson, Madelyn Miller, Colten Vandermeulen, Alexander Shirley, Isabell McKinney, Elizabeth Madrigal Ruiz, Deacon Stoddard, Demri Keeler, Larry Malchow, Addisyn Cox, Haddox Hazen, Doranelly Marin Cruz, Fernanda Gonzalez, Lucille Kosa, Olivia Kim, Milly Gustafson, Emily Hernandez Ortega, Arely Sanchez Dominguez, Ethan Hopkins, Beckett Turner, Kaemon Sawa, Boston Caron, Kyle Morris McClure, Sawyer Linquist, Maisyn Waller, Oscar Gustafson, Tyler Cutting, Josie Schenk, Carter Humphreys, Blake Finlay, Alexandra Avelar, Randee Pond, Faith Huitt, Madison Aguilar, Jaylee Bonk, Olivia Clarke, Diego Hernandez, Tressa McMullen, Juliet Perez, Evalin Roberts, Emma Starr, Hailey Hightower, Korbyn Tucker, Mya Cunningham, Alivia Beller, Sophia Bittner, Peyton Jacobson, Allison Klinzing, Abraham Mendez-Hernandez, Cody Miller, Rigo Gonzalez Sebastian and Aarin Hoygaard. Congratulations to all!


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