PACIFIC COUNTY — Paving work through Long Beach’s main thoroughfare started this week, part of road repair this summer that will smooth nearly 20 miles of highway along State Route 103 and a short section of US Highway 101 in Pacific County through Seaview, Long Beach, Klipsan Beach, Ocean Park and Oysterville.

Washington State Department of Transportation contractor Doolittle Construction, LLC will strategically remove and replace patches of pavement, seal cracks along the roadway surface and coat sections of the highway with chip seal. The work started July 13.

“Over time, a combination of traffic and coastal weather conditions have caused the pavement to deteriorate, causing cracks and ruts,” said WSDOT Project Engineer Joanna Lowrey. “Resurfacing work will preserve the roadbed and extend the life of these highways, providing smooth and safe travel for all.”

Portions of these highways were last paved in 1993 and 2006 and are in need of repair. Anywhere from 280 to 8,300 vehicles a day travel on these stretches of roadway, depending on location, with the highest number of travelers going through Long Beach, and the lowest number of travelers along the northern most end of the Long Beach Peninsula, according to WSDOT. Repaving SR 103 and US 101 will extend the useful life of the roadway.

Construction details

• Travelers should expect single lane closures with alternating one-way traffic, with delays of up to 20 minutes, and sidewalk closures.

• To reduce construction delays for travelers to this popular summer destination, work will be done Monday through Thursday.

• Travelers should slow down, be kind, stay calm and pay attention through work zones.

• People who live along these stretches of highway may encounter delays getting in and out of their driveways, which intersect with county roads.

Construction on this $2.5 million project is scheduled to continue throughout the summer and is scheduled for completion in fall 2020.

Before heading out the door, travelers can get up-to-date traffic information with the WSDOT mobile app and the WSDOT Travel Alerts page.

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