ABERDEEN — On Friday, January 10, the third and final regular season ESD-113 Knowledge Bowl competition was held at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen.

Three teams from Naselle-Grays River Valley High School competed against 38 other teams from Raymond, South Bend, Willapa Valley, North River, Ocosta, North Beach, Hoquiam, Wishkah, Montesano and Elma.

The three teams were: Monte and the Pythons with Zanith Wulf, Travis Popkin, Cooper Miller and John D’Agostino; Scott’s Tots with Jack D’Agostino, Theron Frame, Ryan Waltemate, Riley Thorsen, Owen Mathews and Parker Kilponen; and, Hoops I Did It Again with Emma Colombo, Brynn and Kylee Tarabochia, Courtney Paul and Mia Watson.

Monte Schell was unable to attend due to a basketball commitment, leaving the Pythons to carry on their high standard of competition. Carry on they did, ending up in third place overall and in first place among 1B teams. They were in second place overall until a stumble on the final question in the championship round dropped them to third place.

Scott’s Tots finished the competition in third place among 1B teams and in 13th place overall. Hoops I Did It Again ended the final round in fifth place among 1B teams and in 24th place overall.

Monte Schell will return, and Brayden Colombo will be added to the roster of Monte and the Pythons for the upcoming ESD Regional meet in Tumwater on Feb. 7. If they score high enough, as they have done in each of the last two years, the team will qualify for the State Knowledge Bowl Tournament in March.

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