Bulb planting

Members of the Village Club planted 2,000 more daffodil bulbs last week.

OCEAN PARK — Village Club members were roaming the streets of Klipsan Beach, Ocean Park, Nahcotta, Oysterville and Surfside on Nov. 5, as they added an estimated 2,000 daffodil bulbs to strategically chosen spots on the north end of the peninsula.

“We were a bit more selectively crafty this time around,” said Village Club Co-chair Bonnie Cozby. “It was agreed that we wanted big, bright clusters all through the area, but we also wanted to find soft ground we could shovel…no more fighting rocks and gravel with drills and augers.”

A group of seven Village Club members met in the morning to load the bulbs into cars and drive, as a group, to the digging spots on a map. Co-chairs Cozby and Jerry Herr had driven the route the previous week locating likely areas. Once at a location, the hunt began for diggable ground. Drills and augers were deployed on only a few occasions. In just over three hours, the many bulbs were planted.

Community members and Jack’s Country Store donated the bulbs for planting. Last spring’s bloom of 7,500 daffodils was well received by the public. Next year, those blooms will naturally increase in numbers and these added bulbs will expand viewpoints throughout the north end.

“Once we got going, we hit a rhythm,” Cozby said. “Some were diggers, some were bulb droppers and some were coverers. What at first seemed daunting became a very enjoyable task. We had a lot of fun along the way.”

Village Club is a community group representing the five villages on the north half of the peninsula. Monthly meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 6 pm, at the Ocean Park Fire District #1 Fire Hall. For more information on the group, email opvillageclub@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page OP Village Club.

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