Naselle High School team qualifies for state Knowledge Bowl competition

Naselle's top Knowledge Bowl team has qualified for state-level competition. Left to right: Emily Gjovik, Kyler Wulf, Amethyst Wirkkala, Chloe Zimmerman, Brittany Waltemate and Abigail Bennett.

NASELLE — Naselle’s top academic team has qualified for a state-level competition which will take place in Arlington on March 14.

In earlier competitions, the Naselle High School Knowledge Bowl team “The Force” qualified to participate in the regional-level meet in Tumwater on Feb. 5, where 18 teams from 17 1B and 2B Southwest Washington schools competed. Naselle team secured second place among the 1B schools and fifth place overall.

The Force is an all-senior team consisting of captain Kyler Wulf, Abigail Bennett, Emily Gjovik, Brittany Waltemate, Amethyst Wirkkala and Chloe Zimmerman. With Wulf residing in Bay Center, Bennett in Naselle, Gjovik in Nemah, Waltemate near Long Beach, Wirkkala in Rosburg and Zimmerman in Grays River, the team spatially represents the breadth of the Naselle-Grays River School District and surrounding communities.

After a written round of 60 questions and four rounds of head-to-head competition, each consisting of 45 questions read aloud by a reader, The Force qualified for the semi-final round at regionals. They answered questions such as:

• “Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll, Johnston Atoll, Wake Island are territories of what country? Answer, the United States; and

• “(2)(3 squared)(5 cubed) are the factors of what number?” (Answer, 2,250)

The Force found itself in the sixth and final round of the competition.

“It went really well for us today,” said Wulf. “I think it was our highest scoring throughout the Knowledge Bowl competitions. We finished behind Pope John Paul, which is always a powerhouse 1B team in these competitions. We did really well on the literature questions because all the girls are really good in that subject. We also did well with the science stuff. Chloe is our go-to person for the math questions. We know what everyone on the team is good at, so, since we are limited to only four team members at a time, we make sure we have someone who is good at literature, someone who is good at science, someone who is good at math at the table each time. Whether we are switching around players or not, we try to have those subjects covered.”

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