Chapman, Ellie A. 4.000 GPA

Ford, Tayler D. 4.000

Jacot, Kyryn K. 4.000

Williams, Arianna R. 3.692

Todd, Andrew T. 3.671

Johnson, Tye M. 3.614

Wirkkala, Kyle R. 3.486


Franco Monroy, Samanta M. 3.885

Vivlemore, Taren J. 3.809

Thorsen, Zachary A. 3.375

Gaines, Nicholas 3.275

Shrives, Austin M. 3.236


Dorman, Cole M. 4.000

Eaton, Jacob R. 3.914

Gudmundsen, Taylor 3.871

Dalton, Parker R. 3.771

Hunt, Lindsay E. 3.628

Fauver, Vince G. 3.571

Johnson, Gage C. 3.557

Glenn, Mckenzie C. 3.538

Harman, Lily E. 3.486

Jacot, Darian N. 3.429

Todd, Aaron J. 3.371

Disch, Holly J. 3.186

Scrabeck, Sophie M. 3.186


Wulf, Zanith R. 3.957

Lindstrom, Ethan W. 3.900

Barrett, Bailey R. 3.871

Moten, Abigail R. 3.857

Depoe, Haley 3.757

Steenerson, Jaclyn G. 3.671

Condon, Cody D. 3.586

Footh, Hannah M. 3.571

Wirkkala, Hannah L. 3.571

Haataia, Chase D. 3.529

Tutu’u, Fa’aoso L. 3.486

Oldham, Riley D. 3.386

Blain, John F. 3.150

Malena, Jessica 3.143

8th Graders:

Colombo, Emma 3.957

Hale, Ella R. 3.957

Popkin, Travis 3.957

Glenn, Kolby 3.954

Strange, Jimmy W. 3.908

Vivlemore, Beonna J. 3.857

Lebovitz, Ellexa R. 3.814

7th Graders:

Dalton, Peyton H. 3.957

Waltemate, Ryan D. 3.814

Chadwick, Joshua D. 3.757

Strange, Joseph A. 3.571

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