Naselle teams compete in final 
Knowledge Bowl of 2014 regular season

Naselle's Knowledge Bowl Team, “The Force,” is pictured with adviser Justin Laine. Left to right: Emily Gjovik, Kyler Wulf, Chloe Zimmerman, Laine, Abigail Bennett, Amethyst Wirkkala and Brittany Waltemate.

ABERDEEN — Can you answer these three questions? “The Antonine Wall, built by the Romans across Scotland in the second century AD is less well known than what other similar structure to its south?” “What is the name of the prominent and apparently permanent vortex visible on Jupiter?” If you flew due west from Surinam, what country would you would enter next?” (Answers can be found at the end of this article.)

These and 177 other questions covering a variety of subject matter faced the 50 teams competing during Thursday’s Knowledge Bowl. Under the guidance of Justin Laine, five teams from Naselle High School traveled to Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen to participate in the last ESD 113 Knowledge Bowl meet of the 2014 regular season. The Naselle teams competed against teams from Hoquiam, Montesano, Elma, North Beach, Ocosta, Quinault, Wishkah, South Bend and Willapa Valley.

Naselle’s team “The Force” placed fifth overall and third among B school teams. “The Force” is comprised of Abigail Bennett, Emily Gjovik, Brittany Waltemate, Amethyst Wirkkala, Kyler Wulf and Chloe Zimmerman. As Naselle’s top placing team, “The Force” qualified to compete in a regional meet in Olympia on Feb. 5 for a chance to advance to the state tournament for a second year in a row in Arlington.

Naselle’s “Bond, Ionic Bond” placed 13th overall and 6th among B teams. “Bond, Ionic Bond” consists of Raja Estes, Kyryn Jacot, Andrew Todd and Selah Wulf. Naselle’s “A-Team,” made up of Connor See, Morgan Ridgeway, Alexis Nortrup, Amelia Tutu’u and Jacob Scrabeck, placed thirtieth overall. “The 4 Musketeers,” Brandon Barnes, Allyn Bauer, Angel Evans and Corey Smith, placed 36th overall followed by “TEKK 4,” comprised of Taylor Eaton, Ellie Chapman, Kendra Leeland and Makayla (Kayla) Matthews came in 37th.

Hats off to these mental athletes, who often get up early in the morning to travel to Olympia and Aberdeen to participate in these competitions. Unlike physical athletic competitions, there are no cheerleaders nor crowds of supporters at Knowledge Bowl events, despite the fact that gain of knowledge is the ultimate purpose of education.

Answers: Hadrian’s Wall, Great Red Spot, Guyana

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