PACIFIC COUNTY — Thoughts of holiday decorating are beginning to stir, but according to a report released by the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 2, it is also the season of stealing.

On Oct. 26, a caller identified as Marissa Lee Cornia-Lopez of Chehalis told dispatchers someone stole an estimated 20,000 pounds of noble fir boughs on Oct. 24 or Oct. 25 on property belonging to Weyerhaeuser.

Deputy Sean Eastham was dispatched. Cornia-Lopez informed him that she owns a company called Champion Greens and the fir boughs were for holiday decorations. Upon reflection, she said more like 1,500 to 2,000 pounds of boughs were taken, not 20,000. The stolen boughs are valued at around $4,400.

“She explained that the boughs had been cut by a crew,” Eastham wrote in his report. “The boughs were then airlifted and dropped along a road on the C-Line of Butte Creek Road [north of Raymond]. She suspected it was an inside job but had spoken to workers, and no one claimed to know anything.”

Twine and tire tracks belonging to a dually were found at the scene, and Cornia-Lopez suspected someone used a rented U-haul to haul the boughs away. She and Weyerhaeuser were planning to speak with local rental businesses to see if any dual rear-wheel trucks have recently been rented.

Eastham also noted that Cornia-Lopez had the exact coordinates to where the boughs were stolen but never texted them to him as she mentioned she would. There currently are no known suspects for the crime.

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