OCEAN PARK — It is once again safe to drink the water in Ocean Park.

On Thurs. morning, the North Beach Water District lifted a boil-water advisory that went into effect on Mon., April 4, after a water main broke around 4 p.m., exposing the system to potential septic contamination.

“Normal water use can resume immediately for all customers. Analysis of water samples by a Washington State Certified Laboratory confirmed the potable water supply is not contaminated,”

NBWD general manager Bill Neal said in an April 7 press release.

In a previous press release, Neal said the main was a six-inch asbestos cement pipe, located just south of Paradise Pizza on Bay Ave. The pipe had been installed some time before 1960.

Large amounts of water flowed out of the main, causing a drop in the water pressure in some parts of the water district. NBWD workers isolated the break by about 4:45, but they were concerned, because the main appeared to be about five to 10 feet away from the septic drain field for the restaurant.

“There was an obvious odor of sewer in the air when I arrived at the scene. The break was at full flow at that time,” Neal said. Workers acted quickly to address the problem, but did not know whether contaminated water entered the system, so Neal issued the advisory as a precaution.

NBWD completed the repair and began flushing the water system on Monday evening. On Tuesday, the district used an increased amount of chlorine to disinfect the pipes. On Wednesday, the district collected several samples and sent them to a lab for testing. NBWD also worked with the state Department of Health to ensure appropriate measures were taken to protect public health. Results from the lab arrived on Thursday morning.

Neal said the district used about 500,000 gallons of water while flushing and disinfecting the water system.

NBWD planned to send an automated phone message to customers on Thursday, to alert them that the advisory is over.

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