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SOUTH BEND — A conspicuous absence of the residents of Upper Naselle Road — who for months have been demanding action on landslide repairs — was filled by business owner Leif Walker, who raised a new concern at the July 26 meeting of the Pacific County Board of County Commissioners.

Walker, owner of Black Bear Beach Camp in Ocean Park, explained that his business license had been denied by Department of Community Development (DCD) even though he reached out to the department four months in advance to ensure that his paperwork would be finished on time. Normally, he said, he received the necessary forms in October to be completed for a December deadline. This year he received it only a week before it was due.

Still, Walker paid the fee and filed the paperwork before the deadline and had the receipts to prove it. It wasn’t until his license was denied that Walker was told he needed an inspection on his septic system completed before it would be approved.

“I did everything within my power to get this license filed in time,” he said. “Every year I have a problem with [DCD].”

Earlier this summer, Director of the Department of Community Development (DCD) Faith Taylor-Eldred announced her resignation from her position with the county. Soon after, it was announced that Tim Crose will be filling her position by the end of the summer.

The commissioners spoke briefly with Walker, and County Administrative Officer Kathy Spoor stayed after the meeting in order to help find a resolution to the issue.

Other items that were addressed at this meeting included the appointment of Roger Smith to the vacant position on the Fair Board, the approval of a contract with Pacific County Economic Development Council for the completion of an Economic Impact Analysis, and the approval to re-establish the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

The next County Commissioner’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 9, at 9 a.m. in the South Bend Courthouse Annex.

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