OCEAN PARK — Two people were arrested in connection with a burglary at the Ocean Park Retreat Center on Oct. 13 after a groundskeeper discovered evidence someone had broken into the camp’s kitchen facility.

Surveillance video caught two individuals in the act, who were initially only recognized as a male and female. But after a deputy responded to the scene, he recognized the male from prior contacts and arrests as Eugene B. Kornoely, 42, of Long Beach.

The surveillance video allegedly caught Kornoely entering the facility with the unknown female and the duo stealing two carts of ice cream from a freezer. Neither was immediately located following the deputy responding to the call.

However, according to court records, the deputy and one of his colleagues responded to an unrelated call at Okie’s Thriftway Market on Nov. 4 for a trespass and theft that put them into contact with the female, who they later identified as, Cassidy J. Kendrick, 20, of Seaside.

During the encounter, Kornoely allegedly walked near the store and was observed by one of the deputies. He was then detained, questioned and arrested.

Court records also allege that during the arrest, he asked to speak with the deputies privately and when asked who his accomplice was, “he motioned his head” in the direction of Kendrick, who drove him to Okie’s.

Kendrick was subsequently arrested at the scene for the retreat center incident, and the duo were booked into the Pacific County Jail for second-degree burglary charges.

Both were present for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 5, and Kendrick would have been released without bail but is being held in lieu of $1,000 bail on unrelated charges.

During the hearing, Pacific County Prosecutor Michael Rothman requested Kornoely be held on $5,000 bail, but his request was rejected by a substitute judge, Commissioner Douglas Goelz.

Goelz noted that Kornoely has been in front of the court a lot during Goelz’ career as a judge, and stated, “he always gets caught and always ends up caught.”

Therefore, Kornoely was released without bail for the case.

Kendrick and Kornoely will be back before the court on Nov. 12 with their freshly court-appointed attorneys Jason Arcuri and David Hatch.

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