ILWACO and CHINOOK — Recreational boating facilities upgrades planned for local ports will improve access, convenience and appearance.

Recent grant funding was awarded from Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) and their Boating Facilities Program (BFP) to be used for a trio of projects that are in the developmental stages at the Port of Ilwaco and the planning stages at the Port of Chinook.


At the Port of Ilwaco, improvements will include:

• New restrooms at the boat launch

• Chip sealing/ fog coating from Howerton Avenue to boat launch and boat launch parking areas

• Automated card payment stations and kiosk at the boat launch

• New lighting in parking areas

• Landscape and site work near restrooms

The total cost of the project is estimated to cost $441,800 with $331,350 coming from the RCO grant and an $110,450 match from the Port of Ilwaco.

Port Manager Guy Glenn said the port has been without permanent restrooms at the boat launch since 2013 and permanent facilities will better serve customers and be more visually appealing. The majority of the projects are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2020.


At the Port of Chinook, planning, engineering and permitting for the replacement of the boat launch, boarding floats, lighting and restrooms are underway. An automated card payment station and kiosk at the boat launch is the development stage.

The total cost of the project planning and development is $189,700 with the RCO grant covering $147,275 and the Port of Chinook providing $47,425 in matching funds.

Port officials are hopeful an RCO development application will be approved in 2021, if successful. Glenn believes it would be the first time the Port of Chinook received such funding.

“A total investment of $631,500 in our recreational boating facilities at the Port of Ilwaco and Port of Chinook benefits residents and visitors from around the region,” Glenn said.

“$473,625 in RCO Boating Facilities Program funding was secured, in addition to $35,000 from the Pacific Council of Governments and $9,925 from the Chinook Port Alliance,” he said. “The combination of three external funding sources, in addition to our own port cash reserves, is a great example of the partnerships we’ve formed. We’ve worked diligently through the grant application process at both ports and started from scratch at the Port of Chinook in 2016. Recreational fishermen and boaters at the ports will benefit from this funding the coming years.”

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