LONG BEACH — The Pacific County Public Utility District voted in December to expand its participation in the Bonneville Power Administration’s Energy Efficiency Residential Offerings program, which subsidizes the purchase of energy-efficient appliances. This allows the PUD to provide rebates of up to $600 to customers installing heat pump water heaters.

The PUD has for 25 years passed along BPA subsidies for heat pumps themselves. Ten years ago, when heat pump water heaters were first coming into use, the PUD offered rebates for them as well, but nobody took advantage because the costs were so high even with the rebates. But use of the energy-efficient appliance has increased nationwide in recent years, and now the PUD has decided to try again. PUD general manager Jason Dunsmore said costs have dropped significantly.

Water heaters designated by BPA as “Tier 1” bring a $300 rebate, while those in “Tier 3,” the highest tier, bring a rebate of $600; there are no “Tier 2” products available. Most heat pump water heaters cost in the range of $1,000 to $1,500. According to most estimates, they save customers around $300 per year. The rebates available therefore allow the heaters to pay for themselves much more quickly than they otherwise would.

To find a list of qualified products, visit www.pacificpud.org/rebates.html. To apply for a rebate, call the PUD at 360-642-3191 (Long Beach office) and ask to speak to the conservation aide.

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