Jim Bergstrom

Jim Bergstrom is the new Sholawater Bay Indian Reservation chief of police.

TOKELAND — A longtime veteran of the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office is the new chief of police for the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe.

Jim Bergstrom is the tribe’s new chief of police. He left the sheriff’s office in February after a 30-year career, which he finished as a lieutenant.

“Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe is a great place,” Bergstrom said. “They have a lot to offer the surrounding community. The tribe has a good nucleus of officers to build programs around. These officers are dedicated to the tribal community.”

Before joining the sheriff’s office as a deputy sheriff, Bergstrom worked as the tribe’s chief of police between 1984 to 1988. He also served in the military.

“It’s great to have Jim back with us,” said Tribe Chairwoman Charlene Nelson. “We value his professionalism, open-door policy, experience, and of course, his long, positive history with our community. Our council is focused on providing Jim interdepartmental support to help him create a safer, more cohesive community.”

During Bergrstrom’s career, he has worked on major crimes, special assignments, marine patrol, SWAT and narcotics. He also worked as a law enforcement liaison for the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission.

Bergstrom believes in strong community-oriented policing, transparency in law enforcement, and leadership development through ongoing community interaction, he said.

“I believe that all police departments must have a good traffic unit that engages with the entirety of their community,” Bergstrom said. “It’s critical that we are involved in community events and find positive ways to interact with tribal youth to strengthen the overall community.”

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