President-elect Joe Biden

President-elect Joe Biden

LONG BEACH — Saturday morning as the West Coast awoke to news that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States, final results in Pacific County provided a small 6,930 to 6,776 local consolation prize for President Donald Trump — about a 1% winning margin.

Pacific County has now supported the election of Republican presidential candidates four times in the past 92 years: Herbert Hoover in 1928, Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and Trump in 2016 and 2020. The county used to be the bluest shade of Democrat blue. In 1972, for instance, it was one of only two of Washington’s 39 counties to vote for Sen. George McGovern over President Richard Nixon.

As was true in the 2016 presidential election cycle, there was a marked difference in voting patterns within the county.

South county — including the peninsula, Chinook and Naselle — voted 4,497 to 3,944 for Biden over Trump, or about 53% to 47%.

North county voted 2,986 for Trump versus 2,279 for Biden, a margin of 57% to 43%.

Trump won 23 of the county’s 39 precincts this year, down from 29 in 2016. Biden won 16 precincts, compared to eight for former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton. (Precinct reports didn’t add up to 39 in 2016 because the results from some smaller ones were combined to preserve privacy.)

Of the 13 precincts on the peninsula itself, the 11 largest all voted for Biden, while the two smallest precincts went to Trump. The vote on just the peninsula was 4,028 Biden to 3,277 Trump — about an 11% margin. One example: Voters in the city of Long Beach narrowly went for Trump in 2016 — 345 to 335 — but flipped back to the Democratic column this year, favoring Biden 540 to 413.

The other two south county precincts of Chinook and Naselle each went for Trump in 2016 and did so again in 2020. In Chinook, this year’s vote was 197 Trump and 186 Biden, compared to 2016 when it was 169 for Trump and 123 Clinton. In Naselle, Trump garnered 470 votes this year, up from 379 in 2016. Biden received 283 votes in Naselle, compared to 227 for Clinton four years ago.

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