Long Beach Police coordinated checkups on how well local retailers comply with alcohol-purchase age restrictions.

LONG BEACH — WellSpring Community Network, in collaboration with Long Beach Police Department and the Washington Liquor & Cannabis Board, recently conducted routine law-compliance checks.

In an effort to combat and prevent underage drinking, compliance checks utilize youth volunteers. Driven and monitored by local law enforcement, volunteers try to buy alcoholic beverages at bars, gas station convenience stores and supermarkets.

On March 30, these “investigative aides,” Long Beach Police Department and Washington Liquor & Cannabis Board conducted 14 compliance checks at local establishments. In each case, no liquor was sold to a minor.

Businesses that passed the compliance check and will be receiving certificates of appreciation signed by Chief of Police Flint Wright are:

Crown Alley Irish Pub; Columbia River Roadhouse; Doc’s Tavern; Ilwaco Food Market; Jack’s Country Store; Long Beach Tavern; North Beach Tavern; Seaview Mobil; Okie’s Thriftway Market; Pioneer Market & Deli; Sid’s Supermarket; Seaview Texaco; The Old Fishtrap; and Chinook Country Store.

“The compliance checks went very well,” according to Officer Tim Mortenson of the Long Beach Police Department. “Not one location we tried hesitated to check identification of our under-aged juvenile volunteers and all took the appropriate action under the law. It was refreshing to see no matter how busy or not a location seemed to be, that they all checked our volunteers without exception.”

WellSpring’s involvement in compliance checks is part of an emphasis on creating prevention strategies for Pacific County youth.

WellSpring Coordinator Allison O’Rourke, who accompanied the crew during their compliance checks, said, “I’m incredibly proud of our community for coming together to ensure the safety of our youth, and also proud of our local business owners for taking prevention seriously. I’m also very grateful to both the Long Beach Police Department and the Washington Liquor & Cannabis Board, as well as our local youth volunteers, for their efforts.”

WellSpring Community Network is “a grassroots organization made up of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellness in South Pacific County,” according to a press release.

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