SEATTLE — Several Washington state delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention on Sunday afternoon joined a chorus of other GOP leaders in calling on the party’s candidate to quit the race.

The statement says the delegates “join with Utah Senator Mike Lee, Carly Fiorina, and other leaders in demanding that Donald Trump immediately step aside as Republican nominee for President of the United States. Further, if Mr. Trump refuses to step aside, we ask that the Republican National Committee use Rule 8 to convene an emergency meeting and then use Rule 9, which allows for replacement in the event of “death, declination, or otherwise”, to replace Mr. Trump.

“The revelations of the past few days are only the latest in a long line that demonstrate that Mr. Trump is wholly unsuited to be the standard bearer for the Republican party and is manifestly unqualified to hold the position of President of the United States. Among many other issues, it is the opinion of the endorsers of this press release that Mr. Trump has engaged in repeated unjustified character assassination, has been frequently untruthful in his public statements, and has demonstrated an unacceptable lack of preparation, knowledge, and temperament in his debate appearances.

“Mr. Trump’s policy statements are frequently at odds with longstanding Republican principles of limited Constitutional government and are subject to constant change and reversal. His apparent belief that his celebrity status entitles him to unwanted sexual contact with any female that crosses his path is a poor recommendation for promotion to arguably the most powerful and influential position in the world.

“Mr. Trump’s continuation as nominee for the Republican party threatens to cause irreparable harm to the party and to the nation. As such, the Washington State delegates and alternates listed below ask that Mr. Trump immediately step aside and, if he does not, ask that the RNC take immediate steps to replace him. So we are clear, we also believe that Hillary Clinton is unfit for the office of President for a host of reasons, particularly in the areas of character and integrity ─ but we expect a much higher standard from our Republican nominee. America deserves a President that we can be proud of.

“If Mr. Trump does not resign or is not removed, we urge that Indiana Governor Mike Pence resign from the ticket as a matter of principle.”

Signing the letter were Eric Minor, Manette Merrill, Jeff Helsdon, Chris Leiter, Gina Blanchard-Reed, Mark Marr, Vadim Kasko, Rickord Fritz, Jennifer Fetters, Amy Davis, Michael McCrary, Maria Apodaca, Janna Anderson, Phillip Wilson, Judah Finney, Selena Coppa, Anthony Ceres, Virginia Schloredt, Braedon Wilkerson and Pat Tarzwell.

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