Stolen items word cloud

The relative sizes of words indicates the frequency at which these items were reported stolen in Pacific County in 2018.

Most property crime in Pacific County is really drug crime, according to law enforcement officials. In 2018, local thieves mostly went for chainsaws, laptops, painkillers and other high-value, easy-to-sell items. But some stole less conventional things that offer a glimpse at what crooks — and their victims — value.

January — Mailboxes, gasoline, a 300-pound brass propeller, firewood, a heater, fishing poles

February — A trailer, driftwood, a railroad lamp, gas cans, propane tanks, a flatbed truck

March — A tire, cigarettes, a horse, clams, oysters, cedar, a pressure-washer, logging equipment

April — Plywood, license plates, a 40-caliber pistol, a food benefits card, a garbage can

May — Contents of a pole barn worth $50,000, two safes, the rear-end of a pickup, a rifle

June — Hoses, 10 to 15 sweatshirts, a leather jacket, an election sign, bark from a tree

July — A cooler full of food, glass floats, a hammock, a tandem bike, $36, traffic cones

August — “Everything except the sink and refrigerator,” a John Deere mower, a deceased person’s property, a liquor license, a sealskin vest, an Indian headpiece, a yellow newspaper box

September — Meat, a weedeater, a picture from a motel room, a Buddha statue, a knife

October — Batteries, an electric bike, mushrooms, a cup of coffee, soda, candy, a necklace

November — Medical marijuana, a 20-gauge shotgun, a generator, numerous shovels, pressure-treated lumber, several pairs of jeans, meth

December — Food from a restaurant, a red van, recycling, a piece of cranberry picking equipment, parts from a Mercury, copper wire

Natalie St. John is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or

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