In a number of locally reported instances, IRS economic stimulus payments are going awry.

PACIFIC COUNTY — The second round of economic stimulus payments was expected to roll out quickly, but hurdles thus far have kept the promise rolling slowly. Some Pacific County residents continue to wonder where their payments are along with the majority of the country, while others are trying to track down where their payments even went.

The first of millions of $600 payments reached bank accounts on Dec. 29, 2020, and have continued on Jan. 1 and Jan. 4 in a series of roll-outs. Up until Jan. 4, citizens were unable to track their payment status on the IRS’s website via the “Where’s My Payment” tab, before the agency had the page up and running.

Many citizens who finally were able to submit their personal information and track their payments were shocked by what they found, including several county residents whose payments are left in limbo.

Some citizens saw that their payments were sent into accounts that didn’t belong to them, while others were informed there was “no information available” and that the IRS didn’t have any information or they were “not eligible for the second stimulus payment.” Most who have received the message are adamant that they were eligible.

Rachel Shade of South Bend submitted her information and was informed her check for her and her daughter was deposited into an account she isn’t associated with, even though the first payment in April 2020 went into the correct account.

“They sent my tax return to [my tax preparer], to their bank account,” Shade said. “[The preparer] said to wait 24 hours, and hopefully, it will all go in. They have only sent me $433.95 of my $1,200 stimulus check I should have got.”

She continued, “They are now trying to figure out [where the rest went]. I’ve spent most of the morning playing ring around the rosy with the one number for the IRS. I sat on hold for almost an hour or maybe more [for them] to basically tell me there’s nothing they can do.”

Another resident had the same situation unfold but hasn’t seen a dime of her payment. Many others on Facebook and Twitter have been posting about their payments going into accounts that aren’t theirs.

“Same with mine,” Jaime Souvenir of Bay Center said. “I called the tax preparers to see what they were going to do since it’s their bank account it went into. They confirmed it was their bank account number. Now what will happen is a mystery.”

She continued, “I feel bad for the [tax preparer]. I think they got caught in the middle of this mess like the rest of us. And I feel bad because I’m not relying on this, but so many people are, and it’s sad.”

The stimulus deal has a firm deadline for all payments to be issued by Jan. 15. It has been clarified that anyone who is eligible and that doesn’t receive a stimulus payment by the deadline will have to claim the credit on this year’s tax return.

It’s unclear what the IRS plans to do about payments sent to the wrong accounts. No one from the IRS was available for comment.

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