ABERDEEN — On Friday, Nov. 16, Naselle-Grays River Valley High School fielded a record eight teams consisting of 36 students for the first of three Knowledge Bowl competitions. In all, 48 teams from Raymond, South Bend, Willapa Valley, North River, Ocosta, Wishkah, North Beach, Hoquiam, Montesana, Elma and Naselle-Grays River Valley competed. The Knowledge Bowl was held at the Grays River College in Aberdeen.

The “Naselle Teletubbies” finished in eighth place overall and in first place among the 14 teams from 1B schools. The Teletubbies team consists of seniors Aaron Todd, Parker Dalton and Sophie Scrabeck and junior Monte Schell.

The “Naselle Anarchists” ended the day in 12th place overall and in second place among the 1B schools. The Anarchists team is made up of Zanith Wulf, Lindsay Hunt, Travis Popkin and Emma Zimmerman.

Teams from Ocosta, Montesano and South Bend finished in the top three spots. Ocosta fielded 10 teams and Montesano fielded nine.

Teams from Naselle-Grays River Valley High School will compete in two more regular season Knowledge Bowl meets at Grays Harbor College on December 7 and January 11.

The highest placing team will compete at the regional meet in Tumwater on February 8 for a chance to move on to the state meet on March 23 in Yakima.

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