SOUTH BEND — Matthew Mark Pearson, 34, of Long Beach was convicted after trial in Pacific County Superior Court of possession of methamphetamine and faces as much as two years in prison.

Pearson was wanted on an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant and in April 2018 the U.S. Marshal’s Service, working in conjunction with Pacific County Deputy Sheriff Ryan Tully, began scouring Pacific County for Pearson. A tip led officers to a residence in the Nemah Valley Road area, where they located a vehicle Pearson was suspected of driving. No one was near the vehicle, but the engine was still warm.

Officers searched the outbuildings and found Pearson hiding under construction debris. Pearson was taken into custody and a glass smoking pipe was discovered in his pocket. The pipe had what was later determined to be methamphetamine in the pipe and he was charged for the possession of the unlawful substance.

Following a one-day trial, Pearson was convicted and on June 21, at 1:30 p.m., Superior Court Judge Donald Richter will decide Pearson’s sentence.

Also in Superior Court on May 31, Benjamin James Steven Campbell, 26, of Mukilteo was sentenced to 24 months in prison following revocation of a residential drug offender sentencing alternative program.

Campbell sought to remain in the program. However, Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain asked the court to revoke the sentencing alternative, arguing that Campbell had violated the sentencing condition for a second time. The latest violation included a new felony offense for which he was sent to prison.

“For offenders like Mr. Campbell, whose criminal history is too significant to receive drug treatment while in the community, we seek alternatives like this in order to ensure treatment is delivered in a secured location and where we have law enforcement officers following the treatment progress. We believe that better protects our community,” McClain said. “While some are successful, we simply could not allow Mr. Campbell to remain in the program after he committed a new felony,” he added.

Campbell will serve 24 months in prison, followed by another 12 months of probation where he will be ordered to complete additional drug treatment.

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