ASTORIA — On Thursday, Jan. 7, Clatsop Community College geology instructor Ed Joyce, Ph.D., joins OSU/Sea Grant Hazards Expert Patrick Corcoran, M.S., to present “The Really Big One: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and the Cascadia Fault.” The talk is part of CCC’s collaboration with Fort George Brewery, which hosts the event.

Doors open with food and beverage service at 6 p.m. Seasonal beers on tap, food and other beverages are available for purchase, but no purchase is required. The Fort George Lovell Showroom is located at 14th and Duane St. in Astoria. Minors are welcome.

With new signs around town and notorious articles in nationally known magazines, many Lower Columbians have an active concern about the potential impacts of a “Really Big One,” also known as a major earthquake and accompanying tsunami along the Cascadia fault.

According to a press release, at this Ales & Ideas event, audience members will first be educated in the geology behind such concerns, including the science of earthquake prediction and the local tectonic setting. Then, the discussion will move forward to human perception, response, and preparedness.

Corcoran will allow time for “all questions to be addressed,” and audience members will have access to local maps which include tsunami inundation zones and appropriate exit strategies. He promises to show off a “Go Bag!” and offer other specific tips for earthquake/tsunami preparedness in addition to discussing the psychological challenges and opportunities of preparing for Cascadia.

For information, call Nancy Cook at 503-338-2335 or via email at

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