Top spellers honored at Hilltop

Cailyn Moore, Zion Anderson and Kaitlyn Fisher-Pinto, left to right, were winners at Hilltop School's annual spelling bee.

ILWACO — Students, parents and friends gathered in the Hilltop auditorium on the morning of Friday, Feb. 9, for the annual Hilltop School Spelling Bee. Students from each grade level, fifth through eighth grade, competed to win the title of 2018 Spelling Bee Champion.

The contest came down to the “Words of Champions” round where eighth grader Zion Anderson eked past fifth grader Cailyn Moore by correctly spelling the word “yacht” to end the round, and the earn the first place trophy.

“The students were amazing!” said English teacher Melissa Nesbitt who coordinated the event. “It takes so much courage to get up there on the stage and spell difficult words in front of so many people. I am really proud of all of the participants.”

Nesbitt would like to thank Michelle Binion, Kate Bannister and Mark Westley for volunteering to judge the event. Nesbitt added, “It is wonderful to have the support of the community in an event like this. The kids have worked very hard and it is nice to be able to recognize them in an academic setting.

Participants in this year’s Spelling Bee were:

5th grade:

Esther Thomas,

Cailyn Moore (2nd place)

Nicholas McNeely (4th place)

Emily Herzberg

6th grade:

Jessie Cunningham

Avary Ross

Riley McMahon

7th grade:

Alex Hillard

Ione Sheldon

Kaitlyn Fisher-Pinto (3rd place)

8th grade:

Savannah Babcock

Joey Fitzgerald

Zion Anderson (1st place)


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