Car stopped after a chase

This car was forcibly stopped after a car chase Friday evening.

CHINOOK — The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) and Washington State Patrol (WSP) were involved in a lengthy pursuit on Friday, Aug. 14 after a driver fled from a traffic stop in Chinook.

The driver, Elizabeth Dawn Stuart, 63, of Long Beach, was reportedly stopped by a PCSO deputy and was contacted before fleeing northbound on US 101. The reason for the initial stop has not been released.

She was booked into jail for Driving With License Suspended 3rd Degree and Felonious Eluding. No bail has been set.

WSP Troopers Edgar Quintero and Jacobe Conrad joined in on the pursuit a short time later further northbound on US101 according to Sgt. Bradford Moon of the WSP Naselle-Detachment. He also stated that the duo was riding in one unit with Trooper Quintero driving.

“My guys jumped in at milepost 26 and Trooper Quintero was the primary behind the [suspect],” Sgt. Moon said. “One of my other Troopers [Kelly Swanson] about three-quarters of a mile later spiked the vehicle and hit at least two of the tires.”

Sgt. Moon continued, “about a mile and a half to two miles later, the [suspect] was right near a pull-off and there was no traffic so they PIT’d the vehicle. It spun around and became disabled and they took her into custody without incident. She is believed to be highly intoxicated.”

The PIT maneuver is a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and stop.

The pursuit is still under investigation by the PCSO and more details are expected in the coming days.

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