SEAVIEW — Local law enforcement officers are investigating an incident in which a caregiver may have intentionally dosed an infant with hard drugs.

Early on the morning of Sept. 28, a Long Beach Police officer responded to a call from Ilwaco in which the reporting party alleged that “someone had given a four-month-old baby methamphetamines,” according to the incident report.

After a “lengthy investigation,” the Long Beach officer determined that the alleged offense had taken place in Seaview, and contacted a deputy from the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office. The LBPD officer took the child into custody and turned the baby over to Child Protective Services. The PCSO deputy continued investigating the incident.

Tuesday morning, PCSO Lt. Jim Bergstrom said that officers are taking the incident very seriously.

“The case is ongoing. There were a number of people involved that we had to look at,” Bergstrom said. “It’s going to be kind of a mutual investigation between the sheriff and LBPD.”

Some important details about the incident — including where it happened — are still hazy, and police are hoping lab tests and more witness statements will soon provide more clarity, Bergstrom said.

Medical tests will reveal how much meth the baby, who was born in early June, had in his or her system. The police haven’t seen the test results yet, but there are some indications that the alleged perpetrator didn’t just smoke meth near the baby — he or she actively attempted to intoxicate it.

“This had to be physically given to the child through some method,” Bergstrom said.

Bergstrom did not know exactly how the drugs affected the baby, but said that at the time of the incident, it was “Well enough to be released to CPS.”

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