PACIFIC COUNTY — In an effort to help organizations, groups and individuals who are looking for a little extra funding for events and activities that reduce intergenerational poverty or adverse childhood experiences in South Pacific County, WellSpring Community Network is accepting applications for 2017 mini-grants.

Mini-grants range from $200 to $1,000 and anyone may apply, including student groups. Applications are due by Nov. 30.

The focus of the grant program is to reduce intergenerational poverty or reduce adverse childhood experiences in our community, particularly with parenting education, food programs, early childhood development, substance abuse and teen pregnancy prevention, and family enrichment. In the past, mini-grants have been awarded for programs like Empty Bowls, Pack2School, Wrestling Camp, Boys and Girls Club and the Outrunning Poverty Fun Run.

“The mission of WellSpring is to support community wellness in South Pacific County through active collaborations,” the organization said in a press release. “Through advocacy, awareness and action we can create a community culture that strengthens families, reduces substance use and promotes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.”

To get an application, contact Vinessa Karnofski at 642-9300 ext. 2639 or email Application also can downloaded at or on Facebook at Wellspring Community Network.

WellSpring Community Network is always looking for volunteers and those interested in helping to reduce substance use among youth, help with parenting education, mental health support or poverty reduction. WellSpring meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 3 p.m. at the county building on Sandridge Road. For more information or how to get involved, contact Karnofski at 642-9300 ext. 2639.

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