LONG BEACH — The executive director of Willapa Behavioral Health, Adam Marquis, is under investigation by Child Protective Services for suspected abuse of his wife and kids.

Marquis denied the allegations made against him in an email to the Observer on March 27.

The investigation was mentioned in a temporary order of protection taken out against Marquis on March 23 and granted the following day by Pacific County Superior Court Judge Donald Richter. The order was recommended by an employee from Child Protective Services, according to court documents, and prevents Marquis from being within 300 feet of his wife and three children for at least two weeks.

In the order of protection, Marquis’ wife described a history of “verbal abuse” and “manipulation.”

“There have been multiple times in the past that I have been sobbing in a corner because of his displays of verbal anger toward me and he would just continue spewing his rage at me,” his wife wrote.

Willapa Behavioral Health, which is registered as a nonprofit organization under the name Willapa Counseling Center, provides mental health and substance use disorder services in two counties, Pacific and Grays Harbor. Its offices are in Long Beach, Raymond and Montesano. One of the services the organization oversees is the treatment of domestic abusers.

Marquis is the organization’s highest paid employee, with a salary of more than $130,000 in 2018, plus a bonus of more than $50,000, according to the organization’s 990 tax form. Marquis’ total income, including non-taxable benefits, was about $206,000.

The Willapa Behavioral Health Board of Directors are not taking any actions against Marquis at this time and called him an “excellent executive director,” in an email sent to the Observer on March 30.

“We are confident that Adam can continue leading this organization as the head administrator even during this difficult time for him personally, but of course we will continue to review all future information that may reflect on his performance,” the board wrote.

The board chairperson is Long Beach Chief of Police Flint Wright. The Pacific County Sheriff’s office is the law enforcement agency in charge of enforcing the order of protection.

Other board members include:

• Nancy McAllister, South County District Court judge

• Nikki Fortuna, president of the Peace of Mind Pacific County Board of Directors

• Dennis Long, who sits on the board of commissioners for Pacific County Fire District No. 1

• Wayne Leonard, who worked for Pacific County Juvenile Court for about 39 years before retiring in 2016

• Jeff Harrell, who is a board member for both the Long Beach Merchants Association and the Pacific County Economic Development Council.

• Marquis was hired for the top job in July 2017. The clinic employs about 84 people. Between 2014 and 2018, the clinic received more than $17.5 million in public funding.

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As a former WBH employee, I think it's unfortunate that it took this long for this CEO's deplorable behavior to finally be revealed. There are multiple known egregious and unscrupulous activities that this individual has engaged in - this is just one of many. I'm glad he was finally caught, but I think it's unfortunate that his other behaviors were never raised to the board of directors. If the board had any idea of the depths of this person's despicable behavior, he would have been removed a long time ago. Hopefully this event results in his termination and he is never allowed to destroy any other agencies.

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