At the heart of nearly every non-profit organization on the Peninsula is support for local kids, whether that means progressive education, comprehensive social and emotional development, or simply providing a safe space and positive adult role models.

Two such organizations, the Ocean Beach Education Foundation (OBEF) and the Boys & Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula (BGC), have recently decided to join forces for the annual OBEF fundraising auction and dinner. Proceeds from the live auction will benefit the OBEF, while the silent auction will profit BGC.

“It’s a natural partnership,” said Jennifer Magneson, BGC president and clinical director at Willapa Behavioral Health. “Both organizations have the same vision for our community but we approach our respective missions from different angles. With this collaboration, we hope to create a mutually beneficial relationship that will continue into the future,” Magneson added.

The OBEF approached BGC this spring to propose the collaboration between the two organizations in order to share the responsibility of planning and managing the event.

“It takes a significant amount of volunteer coordination and effort to put on the event. We are looking forward to working together with the Boys and a Girls Club for the mutual benefit of both organizations,” said Guy Glenn Jr., current chair of the OBEF, has been a vocal proponent of the club for several years.

The OBEF was created in 1991 by then-school board Chairman Jack Williams. Long before the state was navigating the state Supreme Court’s McCleary school-spending decision, Williams realized funding for public schools wasn’t sufficient for quality educational programming. Since then, the determination of the OBEF board of directors to secure sustainable capital through endowment and planned giving has been successful enough to provide funding to Ocean Beach School District for Apple iPads, laptops, hilltop garden beds, lab supplies, science kits, fitness equipment, and much more.

BGC opened its doors in 2007 and has since grown to serve over 250 local students per year and up to 93 kids per day. Their programming runs the gamut from writing and theater, to zumba and yoga, to coding and math games. The cost to join BGC is $25 per year, per child, with scholarships available to those who need it.

“Our board is so excited to partner and collaborate with OBEF,” said Tiffany Turner, owner of Adrift Hotel & Spa and BGC board member since 2007. “As two organizations whose mission is focused on serving peninsula youth, this partnership is wonderful. Thank you to OBEF for bringing Boys and Girls Club into the fold, together we can do great things for our kids!”

The theme for the 2016 auction is “Star Wars.” Tickets will be available for purchase this summer and the auction will be held on Saturday, Sept. 24.

Article reporter Allie Friese is executive director of the BGC.

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