LONG BEACH — Long Beach City Council is taking their work to the streets, literally.

At its Sept. 3 meeting, Long Beach City Council moved forward on streets-related projects. Streets discussed included 11th, 12th, 67th, and 5th.

11th Street and 12th Street North: Councilors awarded a bid for curb, gutter and sidewalk repairs between 11th Street and 12th Street North.

The city received only one bid for the project. The bid was awarded to Nichols Masonry.

The project will use about seven yards of concrete at $130 per yard. City Administrator David Glasson said the project will cost in total about $6,050.

Councilors also set a public hearing for a potential right-of-way vacation at the same streets. The hearing will be held Sept. 16, and focus on whether the proposal should be approved. Don Green, the owner of Sandcastle RV Park, requested the vacation.

67th Place: Councilors discussed waterline improvements at the intersection of 67th Place and Sandridge. The councilors will make a decision on the project at a later meeting. The waterline will eventually need to be replaced.

5th Street: Councilors discussed what to do about a right-of-way between Oceanic RV Park and Benson’s by the Beach. Councilors made no decision. Before the council’s next meeting, councilors will walk to the property before making a decision.

Records management: Councilors approved a $9,747 grant between the city and the state’s Secretary of State. The money will fund a temporary position, which will be responsible for digitizing the city’s records.

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