LONG BEACH — The city’s Fourth of July fireworks show will happen after all.

At its April 15 meeting, Long Beach City Council approved a fireworks contract, officially making the previously canceled Fourth of July fireworks show a reality. The council also discussed electric cars, street projects and city contracts.


Councilors approved fireworks contracts for the Fourth of July, International Kite Festival and New Year’s Eve. The combined contracts will cost $26,750.

The Long Beach Merchants Association donated $20,000 for the Fourth of July show, which was previously cancelled by the city due to cost.

“The merchants came up with the money to pay for this event at the last minute,” City Administrator David Glasson said.

The city’s prior decision to cancel its professional Independence Day fireworks show to direct money at other priorities generated a large backlash on social media. The council eventually decided to go ahead with fireworks, providing funding could be obtained from private sources, as had been the case years ago.

Electric cars

The council discussed the city’s car charging station, which is located at 406 Oregon Avenue S. The station was funded by the Port of Peninsula for its first three years. The city and port’s contract is ending soon, so councilors will need to decide whether the station should continue operating.

Councilors agreed the station should stay.

“As long as it can pay for itself plus a little,” Councilor Holli Kemmer said.

Running the station costs about $1,200 a year.

“We’ll probably even make money on this after doing it for three years, since more people are buying electric cars,” Glasson said.

Councilors will officially approve a contract at a later meeting.

Upcoming public hearing

The council approved a public hearing for its May 6 meeting. The hearing is for a proposed right of way vacation at 4th Street NE. John Belisle, who lives on the street, wants to vacate part of the right of way so he can have more room to access his garage.

Citizens can provide comments about the proposed project at the May 6 meeting. The council will determine whether the project is approved.

Street improvements

Glasson gave councilors an update on the city’s street projects. Repaving projects within Ilwaco and Long Beach will start in 2020. The city is also making progress on filling ditches, installing street lights and making sidewalks.

Washington and Boulevard are the two most requested streets for sidewalks, Glasson said. Sidewalks haven’t been installed because of pricing, he said.

Culbertson Park

Councilors authorized Mayor Jerry Phillips to put forward $47,500 of the city’s 2019 budget for Culbertson Park renovations. The money will match funds gifted to the city.

Biosolids treatment facility

The council approved an agreement between the city and construction company Tapani Construction. Tapani was the city’s low bidder for its biosolids treatment facility project.

The bid is higher than what the city budgeted for but state law requires the city to approve the project’s lowest bidder, Glasson said.

“We’re more or less required to approve the contract, whether we like it or not,” Glasson said.

Up next

The council’s next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on May 6. The public is welcome to attend the meeting, located at Long Beach City Hall, 115 Bolstad Avenue. The meeting will include a public hearing on a proposed right of way vacation at 4th Street NE.

Alyssa Evans is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or aevans@chinookobserver.com

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