LONG BEACH — City councilors had a lot to learn at their most recent meeting.

Councilors discussed the Bolstad restroom renovation, a police contract between Ilwaco and Long Beach, and multiple other projects at the council’s Feb. 4 meeting.

Long Beach City Council’s next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Feb. 19. The public is welcome to attend the meeting, located at Long Beach City Hall, 115 Bolstad Avenue.

Bolstad restrooms

Councilors received a brief update on the city’s Bolstad restroom renovation project. Mayor Jerry Phillips said he’s heard from six contractors that they will bid for the project.

“We’re trying to keep the money local,” Phillips said. “Council, I promised I won’t ask you for more than $300,000 to get this project done.”

The council previously turned down project bids because they were too high.

LBPD in Ilwaco

Councilors discussed Long Beach and Ilwaco’s police contract, which employs the Long Beach Police Department to cover both cities. The contract recently expired so the two cities are working on approving an updated version.

Long Beach city staff will attend Ilwaco’s Feb. 11 city council meeting to discuss the contract.

“They’re basically getting a $1 million police force for $261,000,” Phillips said.

Councilors briefly discussed how Ilwaco typically has fewer 911 calls than Long Beach. However, calls in Ilwaco tend to be more crucial, according to Phillips and Councilor Del Murry.

“We’re paying about twice as much for twice as many calls,” said Long Beach City Administrator David Glasson.

Veterans’ housing

Councilors discussed the possibility of creating low-income housing in the city for a U.S. veteran.

A piece of vacant land near the Driftwood Point Complex project (located at 10th and Washington Ave.) is owned by the city.

“There’s a need for low-income, veteran housing,” Glasson said. “Nothing’s been done at that lot in years. It’s at the point where the mayor and I aren’t just talking about it. It has some wheels now.”

Glasson has talked to the Joint Pacific Housing Authority about the possibility of the city donating the land to the housing authority. The property would be used to create a 1,000 sq. ft. home with a garage.

Biosolids plant update

Councilors approved a bid award for the city’s biosolids treatment facility project. The award, valued at $905,548, went to company ECS an in-vessel composting system. ECS was the project’s sole bidder.

Murry voted against the bid award. Councilor Steven Linhart said he wasn’t happy about the approval.

DNR radio agreement

Councilors approved a contract between the city and the state’s Department of Natural Resources. The contract allows the city to use DNR’s radio frequencies, which the city already does.

DNR maintains a statewide radio network for issues such as wildfires. The system allows for updates on issues happening throughout the state and provides a way for cities to get assistance from other agencies.

Other news

  • The city’s sales tax collections are 55 percent higher than last year’s, which were also considered high, Glasson said. The increase is due to construction, not tourism.
  • The city is hosting a public meeting on its comprehensive plan from 4 to 6 p.m. on Feb. 12.
  • LBPD has a temporary officer until the department’s vacant position is filled. The stand-in officer is Miranda Eastham.
  • Long Beach is getting grant-writing assistance from a local man. “He seems eager and is very competent,” Phillips said.
  • The city is exploring the possibilities for improving broadband internet. Phillips recently went to a meeting about the issue.

Alyssa Evans is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or aevans@chinookobserver.com

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