LONG BEACH — Updates to Culbertson Park and Washington Avenue South are on the way.

At its Aug. 19 meeting, Long Beach City Council discussed Culbertson Park, Washington Avenue South, an intergovernmental agreement, and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The council’s next meeting is 7 p.m. on Sept. 3. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting, at 115 Bolstad Avenue.

Culbertson Park

The city was awarded $75,000 for Culbertson Park improvements. At its Monday meeting, the council authorized Mayor Jerry Phillips to accept the grant money.

The money comes from the Recreation Conservation Office. In April 2018, the city applied for a youth athletic facilities small grant application. The city learned in June that it was awarded the grant.

Improvements the grant will cover are related to the city’s work on making Culbertson Park compliant with the American Disabilities Act. Improvements will include an ADA pathway from the north side of the park to its south side, creating ADA-accessible dugouts, and resurfacing of basketball and tennis courts to include pickleball.

Washington Avenue

The council authorized Phillips to turn in an application to possibly receive grant funds. If awarded, the funds would help cover costs for water line replacement, stormwater management and street reconstruction on Washington Avenue South.

The funds would come from the Transportation Improvement Board and cover 5 percent of the project’s costs.

“Since the scale of the project is so large, city staff is trying to combine major funding sources to make the project impact as minimal as possible to ratepayers,” said City Administrator David Glasson.

The proposed project would reconstruct the street to include larger travel lanes and rolled cement concrete curbs. Gravel parking would be provided behind the curb where parking currently exists.

Stormwater would be collected and infiltrated adjacent to the street.

“By improving Washington Avenue, a through-town alternative to Pacific Avenue, the project will reduce traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety in the downtown core,” reads the application.

City-county contract

Councilors authorized an agreement between the city and the county. The city receives about $33,200 in annual revenue because of the agreement. The funds are tied to streets projects in the county.

The amount of money the city receives per year varies based on project costs, according to the agreement.

Childhood cancer

Phillips declared September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which is recognized nationally.

“Too many children are affected by this deadly disease and more must be done to raise awareness and find a cure,” Phillips said.

One in 285 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday, Phillips said.

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