SOUTH BEND - Deanna Marie Seaman, 18, of Long Beach, pleaded not guilty to theft charges Friday in Pacific County Superior Court. A trial was set for Nov. 7.

Seaman was arrested Aug. 13 in Astoria after she had allegedly used a credit card stolen from a purse earlier that day in Long Beach to purchase clothing worth about $200 at an Astoria store.

Judge Joel Penoyer sentenced Scott Wylie to 40 days in jail for violating conditions of his parole, failure to appear and failure to pay legal and court costs.

A jury trial was set for Sept. 4 for Timothy M. Hendrickson. Hendrickson is charged with three counts of third-degree assault and one charge of resisting arrest in South Bend.

"There's no clear definition if this was an assault or a struggle," Penoyer said. "If someone grabs your arm and you pull loose, it's resisting arrest. But if you throw someone to the ground it's assault. A jury needs to decide this. I can't rule. The police report is unclear."

"I want this to go to trial," Hendrickson said.

A trial was set for Nov. 7 for South Bend resident Jorge Gonzalez Villanueva on four counts of second-degree assault. Villanueva allegedly threatened four juveniles with a knife on May 14 and yelled at them to stay away from his family. The incident wasn't reported until June 7, Penoyer said.

Penoyer told Villanueva the maximum sentence on the charges is 10 years in prison or $20,000.

Pacific County Prosecutor Mike Smith said Villanueva was ordered to have no contact with the victims, not to use drugs or alcohol and not to possess a firearm.

"Mr. Villanueva doesn't appear to present a grave public danger," Penoyer said. "But if there's trouble, you're going to jail."

David Allen Robertson of Ilwaco pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of stolen firearms and being a felon in possession of stolen firearms. A trial was set for Oct. 15.

Robertson, who works on a tuna boat moored at the Port of Ilwaco, has cooperated with the police and hasn't obstructed the investigation, his public defender Michael Turner said. "The guns were found in his vicinity," he said, "but there was no connection with him." The guns were allegedly stolen from a home on Sandridge Road.

Penoyer set Robertson's bail at $5,000.

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